Another step in the Registration Process for any tour, along with your Registration Form and Deposit, is to read this entire document, fill out the form at the end and “Submit” it. The document contains information about your travel and what to do if certain issues arise, as well as the costumes, make-up, and music for performances.


Before the tour begins, Patsy, Tour Organizer, formulates advance arrangements, makes final decisions, organizorand oversees the many details that make up each tour. She works with the Globus Family of Brands (Globus, Cosmos, Monograms, and Avalon Waterways) to get the best price, best itinerary, best accommodations, and the best meals for all travelers. 

NotesOnce the tour begins, Patsy is solely the Music Director. She chooses suitable music, provides sheet music & learning tracks for download (CD’s available upon request), chooses someone to design choreography and make choreography videos, as well as arranging the entire performance package to include rehearsals, choosing soloists and quartets, and anything else that enhances our performances.

castle-flag-clipart-1RedEach tour will have a Tour Guide/Manager who is an employee of the Globus Family of Brands, has organizational skills and knowledge of her/his country and is responsible for EVERYTHING that happens on a tour. She/he is well versed in the history, culture, location, hotels, restaurants and will have recommendations for sightseeing and shopping when we have free time. Each Tour Guide/Manager is your best friend in a foreign country, is in charge of all things tour related, and is the "go to" person when there are tour related issues or if you need any assistance while on tour.

Items NOT Included in the Tour Price 

  • Transportation - flights, personal transportation for Pre and/or Post tour days, taxi to destination if you miss the bus
  • Meals not included in the itinerary
  • Hotel - for Pre and/or Post days, Single Supplement
  • Items of a Personal Nature - souvenirs; laundry; beverages including tea, coffee, wine, liquors, soft drinks, except for meals included in itinerary; phone, fax, internet expenses.
  • Gratuities for the Tour Guide, Bus Driver and Local Guides.

Cancellation Policy: If you cancel 354-119 days before the tour start day, refund is $200.00

                                   If you cancel 120-0 days before the tour start day, contact your Travel

                                       Insurance provider.

LAND TOUR - You are responsible for paying your land costs and any Pre and/or Post Days requested by you.

Arriving Early (Pre-day) or Staying Later (Post-day):

  • If you plan to ARRIVE BEFORE the tour starts or LEAVE AFTER the tour ends, you must make your own hotel arrangements.
    *If you want Patsy to arrange a Pre and/or Post Night in the hotel for you, the price will include a 10% Service Fee based on the hotel cost per night.
  • If you plan to LEAVE AFTER the tour ends, you must make your own airport transfer arrangements.
    *If you want Patsy to arrange for your transfer, then you must pay the transfer cost plus a $10.00 Service Fee.
  • If you want Patsy to arrange a Special Pre and/or Post Tour for you, you must pay the tour cost including a 10% Service Fee

Single Room: Pay your single supplement when you pay your land costs.

Roommate: Identify your roommate on your registration form, OR request a roommate be assigned for you on the Registration Form.

Changing Single Room or Roommate:

  • If you cannot "live" with your roommate and want a single room, first check your Travel Insurance to see what is covered because you will have to pay the Single Supplement for yourself AND for the roommate that you left.
  • If someone will change roommates with you, advise the Tour Guide/Manager and Patsy of the roommate change.

FLIGHTS - You are responsible for:Airplane

  • Booking your own flight to the tour destinaation
  • Getting to the airport for your flight
  • Arrangements and costs for any flight cancellations, delays, or schedule changes. Good reason to have Travel Insurance. 

Hotel for Delayed Flight - If your flight is delayed, changed, or cancelled and you need hotel accommodations:

  • Check your Travel Insurance to see what is covered
  • Make your own Hotel reservations
  • Pay your own hotel accommodations 

Missing the Tour Bus - you are responsible for ALL expenses because you Missed The Bus!

  • If you miss the bus for a Day Tour and the bus is returning to the hotel latercharter-bus-cliparts
    *Get a taxi and try to catch up with us   OR
    *Stay at the hotel and enjoy a free day to do whatever you want to do
  • If you miss the bus for a Day tour and the bus is NOT returning back to the hotel later
    *Look at your itinerary to see where we will be next
    *Ask the hotel about the best way to get there
    *Take the recommended transportation for which you will be responsible for paying the  cost.

You must be ON TIME. We try to accommodate everyone, but tours are on a schedule with planned arrivals and departures which sometimes cannot be changed.



Music & Choreography – You are responsible for learning your music and choreography. Instructions to download are below.

NOTE: Patsy does chorus placement during our one and only rehearsal. It is imperative that you know your music and choreo so we can "polish" them during this rehearsal - we do not use this time for learning. Some of you may be placed on the front row.

Audio Tracks  

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the right hand column of this web site to Create an Account
  • After you received confirmation for your account, return to Tropical Harmony web site and Log-In using the ID and Password you used to create your account
  • On the Members Only Home Page click on the Music Icon. Then click on Learning Track Player
  • Click on LAUNCH Learning Track Player and click "Playlist", GREEN button at the top.
  • Double Click the track you want, then click on the small triangle to the left of Download Selected Track near the bottom.
  • A new window will open which allows you to save the file to your computer. When you decide where on your computer you want to save the file, click Save.

Sheet Musicsheets

  • After Logging In, click the Music Icon on the Members Only Home Page
  • Click the link for Sheet Music
  • Click on the song you want to print

Choreography Videos

  • After Logging In, click the Music Icon on the Members Only Home Page
  • Click on the links to Choreo  Videos , then click a link to written choreography instructions or to the videos showing the choreography moves.

Costumes, Accessories & Makeup – Tropical Harmony Chorus has two performance costumes: Evening/ dressy and Daytime/Casual.

 Evening, Dressy Performance Costume is Black & White tunic top, Black Haband Salon Studio Travellite Pants. If you can find a "blingy Sparkly" tunic top, so much the better!

 The tunic top must have the black & white evenly distributed as in Example 2 - UNLESS you find a tunic top like Example 1 or Example 3 which is already "blinged" for you. The pictures are examples - find a tunic top that meets the Black & White requirements, suits you and

buy it!

If you need some help with rhinestones, Email Linda the Help Desk at She will order for you at discount prices.        

bwtunic1a          bwtunic2         bwtunic3
 Example 1                    Example 2                 Example 3

Travellite Pants


These are required accessories:

Rhinestone necklace rhinestone drop earrings, minimum length 1 3/4 inches

Rhinestone bracelet optional


Black closed toe shoes, off black hose


This is the Casual/Daytime performance costume

Black Pants – Haband Salon Studio

A black tank top under a lightweight black and white jacket-type top – the black and white must be evenly distributed on the jacket.


A black and white top that must have the black and white evenly distributed – a black top with some white polka dots is not acceptable.

Sleeves must be at least ¾ length.

There is no specific place to purchase the top or jacket. The pictures are just a guide as you shop for a top or jacket that is similar.





Scarf, big belt (only if it works with your top), necklace, earrings, bracelet, go LARGE to be seen from stage. Don’t be dainty!


Black closed toe shoes, black hose


  • Heavy street makeup – apply foundation twice, apply powder twiceMakeup FaceTH
  • Revlon Love That Red lipstick
  • Eyebrows – brow pencil or brow powder in shade darker then you normally wear emphasizing the arch. Helps your face look lifted and expressive
  • Eyes - We use an eyeshadow palette of vanilla white (not dead white), silver and light grey (not black grey). You can find those color palettes at Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar very inexpensively, $1-$3. If you go to a drug store or big box store, expect to spend $5-$8 for the same product. The brand is irrelevant, as long as you have the white, silver, grey in your palette. 
    *Vanilla white (lightest) for under brow
    *Next darker, silver, over entire eyelid, BLEND up to where it meets the vanilla white (lightest) under the brow                                   Click here To Enlarge Image
    *Use light grey in the crease or where the illusion of a crease may be. 
    *Heavy eyeliner and mascara
  • Rosy Cheeks for stage, not a dainty blush

Do not wear eyelashes

NOTE: Support/control undergarments are recommended. None of us are wispy slender 18 year olds.


Street Clothes - We are ambassadors for our country and our members represent several other countries as well as barbershop and Sweet Adelines International. We are always cognizant of our responsibility to represent ourselves well.Shirt

  • Avoid logos touting drugs, sexual innuendos, alcohol, guns, racial slurs and profanity.
  • Avoid snug T-shirts, bare midriffs, tight-fitting clothes showing the outline of your lady parts
  • Accepted Logos: Tropical Harmony,  Sweet Adelines, Your Chorus
  • Always have a shrug of some kind with you. When we enter places of worship, it is courteous to have your shoulders and upper arms covered. Some places will not allow you to enter if you are uncovered.

Tropical Harmony  is a unique group of travelers. Each year this group is made up of different singers, voices, skill levels, blends, experience, and vocal quality. This means that each year Patsy will finalize voice placement within our standing placement and adjust our music and/or our choreography.

    Be Flexible!          Be Adaptable!       Be Understanding!

OKIt's All OK!

* The final choice of music may not exactly match the sheet music or audio tracks - just like in your home choruses.

* Final choreography may not exactly match the choreo videos - just like your home choruses.

*Sheet music and audio tracks are not always perfect matches, the discrepancies are minimal and will be adjusted at rehearsal


Patsy has the final word on how our songs are to be sung, what lyrics and/or notes we will sing, and what our choreo moves will be. You are a good singer and can adjust to changes - just like in your home choruses!


Courtesy Towards Each Other - One more thought ....We spend a LOT of time together. We enjoy each other's company and the love of singing we share. If you are feeling a bit weary or cranky, grab a hug instead of biting at a fellow traveler. We all get "grumpified" every now and then, just be gentle.

costsExpense Share - Every traveler will contribute to Expense Share to help cover the costs of music, learning tracks, web site, advertising, equipment, etc. We do not charge a fee for performing because the core values of Tropical Harmony includes free performances wherever we travel. That is why we need this Expense Share "income".

Thank you for your support of Tropical Harmony.

January 15, 2018

Watch a Video of Tropical Harmony singing in Bologna, Italy.



2 NEW Ann Clark Paintings have been added to the slide show. 


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